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Highest rated from past: 7 days / thirty days / 365 days   |   Best of a Vent Saturday • Sunday • Monday • Tuesday • Wednesday • Thursday • Friday More Vents Living , Metro , Sports , Unvent Vote upon Vents If we similar to a vent, press this to pierce it aloft up a list. If we do not similar to a vent, press this to pierce it down a list. Press this to commission a opening for “Best of a Vent.” You might opinion usually once per Vent. Multiple votes will not be recorded. It’s extraordinary to me which a Braves can’t kick a underling .500 teams. Jurrjens didn’t remove which game; a Braves’ handicapped bats mislaid a game. Hey Braves, NOW is a time to be winning, whilst a Phillies have been losing. Get it? Not losing to a little common group Big League salaries as well as Little League bats. Note to Wren: The bullpen cannot win EVERY game. Get us a little bats now! Let’s face it, Kimbrel is twenty-two years aged as well as has as great or improved things than Billy Wagner. Why do not we give him a bit prior to we squeeze a pitchforks. UGA has consumed some-more bent in a final couple of years than roughly any propagandize in a SEC. The Dawgs have been unequivocally great in golf, softball as well as tennis. Who cares if Lance Armstrong took PEDs? He has finished some-more great than harm, as well as he done a French mad. What’s not to like? Bet if we send Waddell to Winnipeg, they would remove seductiveness in a group genuine quick we would similar to to see Uggla during a celebration attack a pinata. NFL fans can experience in a lockout. Once it is over, no a single watch a diversion until there have been reduce sheet prices. Any possibility a Thrashers can take a Hawks as well as Dream with them? we goal us “TRUE BLUE” fans can get in a single great physique check upon a Atlanta Spirit Owners (aka miserly jerks). Braves have a rookie pitcher with a name which sounds similar to a collateral of Iran. Makes sense, since a batters which face him say, “I ran, we ran, we all ran around a bases!” we adore how people who have been not veteran athletes go about criticizing them so openly. When we win an MVP award, afterwards we can begin throwing stones. we can see from here what ball will be similar to in October. We’ll all be during home examination alternative teams in a playoffs. If Brooks Conrad can light a glow underneath Fredi, which would be a usually thing which could clear his salary. Everytime we see Kimbrel come in to pitch, we only go as well as spin a channel. we know he is about to blow a save. Too bad Alex Gonzalez is an older, reduction gifted chronicle of Yunel Escobar. ^ tip

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The Vent / Sports – Atlanta Journal Constitution

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