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How are you preparing for Judgement Day 2011? – (blog)

According to Harold Camping, an 89-year-old male who runs Christian network “Family Radio”, May 21, 2011 will be Judgment Day. If this binds true, that equates to we’ll see a Christian neighbors descending in to a heavens whilst a rest of us will cling to at a back of for a couple of months until a Apocalypse. The Internet is buzzing with stories about Judgment Day as well as believers who have essentially give up their jobs as well as have been spending their hold up assets to be ready for May 21. For those who know they have been sinners, there’s a “Post blessedness looting” eventuality page upon Facebook. Nearly half a million people have pronounced they will attend a event, that goes from noon to 3 p.m. Even a little supervision agencies have been regulating a eventuality to remind people how to be ready for disasters. The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta posted a list of what you’ll need to tarry a zombie apocalypse. Take a demeanour during Twitter as well as it seems each alternative Tweet is about a rapture, whilst a tip 3 searches upon Google Hot Trends have been for “judgement day might 21,” “end of a universe 2011″ as well as “rapture 2011.” So, how have been we scheming for Judgment Day 2011? Are we throwing a blessedness celebration upon May 22? Are we starting to outlay all of your money, or will we binge upon all your a one preferred foods? Are we observant your goodbyes, or have been we certain you’ll be left behind? Vote in a reader poll, as well as afterwards discuss it us in a comments next what we consider of all this blessedness talk. Also, what’s a funniest rapture-related thing you’ve seen upon a Internet this week? Rapture 2011: What have been your plans? Market Research

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How have been we scheming for Judgement Day 2011? – (blog)

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