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Contestant Geo Godley drops his pants during X Factor audition in US – Herald Sun

Judges upon the US ‘X Factor’ were reduction than tender when the male auditioning attempted to wow them with his XXX factor. Geo Godley forsaken his pants for an X-rated try-out upon the US array of The X Factor. Picture: Source: Supplied THE US array of The X Factor got off to an X-rated begin when the competitor forsaken his pants during his audition. Performing his strange song, I’m the Stud, Geo Godley’s opening sent the throng in to the fit of boos as good as saw decider as good as coach Paula Abdul shelter backstage. The try-out was shown currently upon the premiere part of the latest US array with an “X” superimposed over Godley’s nether region. Fellow decider Nicole Scherzinger lonesome her eyes yet took the look in between her fingers during Godley’s performance,  whilst Antonio “L.A.” Reid called the arrangement “disgusting, upsetting as good as offensive.” “Get him out of the building, please,” Reid pronounced prior to the male was private from the stage. Ahead of the premiere, array author as good as decider Simon Cowell pronounced he had no time for “mediocre people” upon the uncover this year. The antacid censor told FOX News: “If you hatred somebody, you contend you hatred them. And if you adore somebody I’m happy to contend you adore them. But to lay there as good as fake that common people have been starting to be stars is only ridiculous.” Cowell additionally told America to hope for for the subsequent Susan Boyle as he believed the show’s comparison difficulty had the “real chance” in the competition. “I had no thought what you were starting to find yet you am sensitively assured that you might have found some-more than the single star, as good as what is engaging is it’s not only from the immature kids, that you approaching great things from,” Cowell said. “It’s from the comparison category, who you was somewhat endangered would be aged fashioned as good as not relevant. So the comparison singers have the genuine possibility of winning this competition. you consider we’ve finished well,” he added. Abdul pronounced Cowell’s perspective toward The X Factor is most opposite to his final American Idol days. “I’ve never seen him happier, this is his baby as good as even yet we’re all fiercely competitive, we’re all there to await him,” she told FOX411′s Pop Tarts column.

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Contestant Geo Godley drops his pants during X Factor try-out in US – Herald Sun

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