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Arthur Lewin; 13 Very Strange Coincidences… – ThyBlackMan

( On Aug 28, 2008 Barack Obama supposed the Democratic assignment for boss only 45 years to the day from Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech. The Civil War as well as the Civil Rights Movement finished only 100 years apart, in 1865 as well as 1965 respectively. The many critical debate during the Civil War was President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address (1863). The pass debate of the Civil Rights Movement was Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream!”(1963) They have been distant by  precisely 100 years, as well as they any admitted the same thing, autocracy for African Americans. King gave his debate during the feet of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. At the time President Kennedy was seen as the hold up of the Civil Rights Movement. One hundred years prior to that Lincoln was noticed as the Great Emancipator. The dual presidents were slain scarcely the hundred years apart, Lincoln in 1865, Kennedy in 1963, as well as any by an ex-soldier from the Old Confederacy. Lincoln was killed in Ford’s Theater. Kennedy died in the automobile done by Ford called the Lincoln. Each of these presidents was succeeded in bureau by Vice Presidents with the same final name, Johnson, as well as the dual group bear the really distinguished resemblance. Lyndon Johnson succeeded Kennedy, as well as Andrew Johnson succeeded Lincoln. Furthermore, any Johnson pushed by Congress pass legislation to good African Americans. Andrew Johnson upheld the laws that gave us Reconstruction, as well as Lyndon Johnson upheld the Civil Rights Laws that yielded Affirmative Action. Reconstruction began to stutter in 1877 when the celebration of Lincoln (the Republicans) began to stutter in their joining to equality. Exactly 100 years later, in 1977, Affirmative Action faltered after the Bakke box was brought prior to the Supreme Court. Reconstruction was topsy-turvy with the Plessy v. Ferguesson preference of the Court in 1896. Affirmative Action was gutted by the array of Supreme Court cases in 1996. The 1995 Mar upon Washington came in the 33rd year after the 1963 Mar upon Washington. The 1963 Mar was led by the integrationist Minister Martin Luther King, the 1995 Mar by the separatist Minister Louis Farrakhan. Just as the dual leaders hold hostile ideas, their rallies took place upon conflicting sides of the Capitol building. All of the secular uprisings in the 1960s took place after an situation of military brutality. The many critical secular reeling in America was believed to be the a singular that took place in Detroit in 1967. The largest the singular prior to that additionally took place in Detroit, in 1943. Only twice in American story have there been coexisting disturbances opposite the land in reply to the singular event, both times the name “King” was involved, the riots after the gangland slaying of Martin Luther King as well as the riots after the exculpation of the officers in the Rodney King case. Malcolm X was assassinated 3 years prior to King, though both group were 39 years aged when they died. In normal African multitude the singular becomes an elder during age 40. Hence, both were snatched divided from us upon the really night before of attaining the tallness of their powers. The series of the structure were Malcolm met his predestine is 3940. And so we ask, have been all of these things only coincidences, or have been they something more? Staff Writer; Arthur Lewin This gifted bard has additionally self published the book that is entitled; Read Like Your Life Depends On It . Share More Articles: Why Do Black Athletes Seem to Go Broke? Deliver Us from Evil: The Saga of Chris Brown PART II… How Henry Louis Gates Muted President Obama’s Voice upon Race…

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Arthur Lewin; thirteen Very Strange Coincidences… – ThyBlackMan

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